COLORADO SPRINGS — Bristol Brewing Company will not be releasing the traditional fall Pumpkin Ale this year, due to a lack of resources stemming from the coronavirus pandemic.

The Pumpkin Ale has been a staple for nearly 14 years – brewed with pumpkins from Venetucci Farms in Colorado Springs.

“With COVID hitting and some of the effects on our business – we really had to turn inward and take care of our employees and make sure we’re here for the long haul,” said owner Mike Bristol, Bristol Brewing Company.

Bristol Brewing donates the profits from the Pumpkin Ale to the Pikes Peak Community Foundation (PPCF).

Nick and Bambi Venetucci, former owners of Venetucci Farms, left the farm to the non-profit in 2006.

PPCF says many small businesses have had to re-adjust their priorities.

“One of the impacts of COVID19 has been that it’s been very difficult for our neighbors that work in the restaurant industry to make it through the year,” said Samuel Clark, the Executive Director of Pikes Peak Real Estate Foundation.

Bristol Brewing Company is located at 1604 S Cascade Ave, Colorado Springs, CO 80905.

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