Vape shop owners react to Proposition EE passing

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COLORADO SPRINGS – Colorado voters approved proposition EE which will create the first-ever tax on vaping products that contain nicotine. The tax will increase annually and will be at a 62% tax rate by 2027.

“As a small business we would have opted for something a little more conservative and fair. Something a little easier to navigate on our end,” Tina Quammen, the director of operations at Absolute Vapor in Colorado Springs said.

Quammen said she wishes there was more conversation before this tax increase was ever put on the ballot.

“That’s a big deal. All the vaping community is going to lose costumers real fast,” Rachelle Burt, a vaper said.

Burt also mentioned that she will have to cut back on buying vaping products because of the increase in pricing and she said she thinks other people will do the same.

Quammen said she hopes local vape shops stick together during this change.

“We don’t want to make changes other places aren’t making. We want to be together in an industry way about this and come together in a way that is beneficial for all shops,” Quammen said.

Proposition EE lowers the tax on modified risk tobacco products from 50% to 35% for the next 7 years.

Proposition EE passed by nearly 78%, according to the Associated Press.

This ballot measure will also dedicate revenues to various health and education programs.

We reached out to the El Paso County Health Department who is in charge of the Tobacco Education Program they said they would be getting us a statement on this tax increase as soon as possible.

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