COLORADO SPRINGS — A Summit County Sheriff’s Office deputy was on vacation with his family in Colorado Springs when he was involved in a serious crash.

A deputy with Summit County confirmed that Deputy Greg Young was off duty supporting his daughter at a softball tournament when the crash happened on the morning of July 1. He had allegedly left the hotel to pick up food alone when the crash occurred.

He remains in intensive care and has undergone multiple surgeries. Deputy Young suffered extremely severe internal injuries in the accident. The sheriff’s office is working to try and get him transferred back to Utah to seek treatment there so that he can be closer to family. His wife has stayed with him in Colorado Springs.

The deputy said he has a long road to recovery ahead. Deputy Young was unconscious but has recently said a few words. A Help a Hero campaign was created to help his family.

Deputy Young has been with the Summit County Sheriff’s Office since 2013 but has had close to 20 years of experience in law enforcement, according to a deputy.

No word on any charges filed against the other driver. The investigation is ongoing.