(COLORADO SPRINGS) — Two marijuana dispensaries are temporarily closed after being served a suspension order by the State.

The dispensaries are Canna Meds Wellness Centers, located at 506 North Chelton Road and 2218 North Academy Place. Both locations have been served a Summary Suspension Order by the State Licensing Authority.

As the case is ongoing, the State Licensing Authority cannot share details about the case and what caused the suspension order.

According to the State Licensing Authority, “when they have reasonable grounds to believe and finds that a licensee has been guilty of a deliberate and willful violation of any applicable law or regulation or that the public health, safety, or welfare imperatively requires emergency action it shall serve upon the Licensee a Summary Suspension Order.”

In May of 2022, a health and safety advisory was issued for potentially unsafe levels of Total yeast and Mold on medical marijuana flower produced by Canna Meds Wellness Center LLC.