COLORADO SPRINGS — An impeachment rally earlier in the week at Acacia Park in Colorado Springs drew hundreds of people in favor of President Trump getting impeached.

Ashley St. Clair, who supports President Trump, said she’s pressing charges against two people who she said assaulted her at the rally.

“I want this to stop,” said St. Clair. “I want everyone to have the right to protest peacefully without being met with violence and vulgarities and this is one of the most important rights, and I should be able to do it without being in fear for my life.”

Colorado Springs Police Department told FOX21 that they were unaware the rally was going to take place, but urged protest organizers to notify them of future events so police can be aware and ensure the event will be peaceful.

One professor of Political Science at UCCS commented on the current protest culture.

“I think what has happened now is that people have sorted themselves so much that someone that disagrees with them, they can’t even imagine that someone else could have a different opinion than them, and so engaging in a dialogue with them – they view as just inappropriate or pointless – and so then they might lash out physically, rather than trying to actually discuss their disagreements or just let the person speak,” said Professor Josh Dunn.

The “Event Host Guide” found on encourages the event host to reach out to police, although they were not notified ahead of time.

Organizers of the event,, have not responded for comment.