Tips to winterize your car before snowflakes fall

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COLORADO — It’s winter weather preparedness week in Colorado, encouraging everyone to get themselves and their cars ready for the season. This comes just in time for a cold snap and possible snow heading to Colorado.

According to AAA, one of the most common calls they get when temperatures drop is people having issues with dead car batteries.

“What we’re finding on today’s vehicles is there’s so much electronics that go with the battery that we’re not going to get that warning anymore. You’re not going to get that ‘we” it’s starting to crank slow so I better have it checked out’ Normally batteries are going to last about five years,” said Brian Groff, owner of Groff’s Automotive Co.

AAA said a battery more than 3-years-old should be checked. During cold temperatures starting an engine can take up to twice as much battery power. Signs a battery might be dying is hearing grinding sounds when you turn on the ignition and the car cranks slowly when trying to start.

“Making sure the alignment is set. Because it’s the alignment that takes out the tires. Good tread, good traction is going to be your key to your success getting around in the snow and ice,” said Groff.

For a quick check on your tire treads, just grab a penny. AAA said put the penny into the tire’s tread. If part of the penny is covered, you still have some life left in your tires. But if you can see the entire penny, then it’s time for new tires. 

It’s also easy for your tire pressure to drop on a cold morning so make sure to fill them up when that happens.

“Clear the windows. You’d be surprised how many people are driving thinking just the heat in the car will clear the windows on their own. Take the time, clear the windows, let things warm up a little bit,” said Groff.

One thing AAA is doing differently due to COVID precautions is they aren’t letting people ride in the tow trucks this year. They encourage you to have an emergency plan in place this winter season.

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