Those close to the case remember Det. Micah Flick 2 years later

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EL PASO COUNTY, Colo.– February 5, 2020 marks two years since El Paso County Detective Micah Flick was killed.

On Feb. 5, 2018, detectives followed a carjacking suspect and known gang member Manuel Zetina to Murray Hill Apartments near Galley Road and Murray Boulevard.

19-year-old Zetina was killed by officers after firing his weapon at Detective Flick. The officers were ruled justified in killing Zetina.

“Never a quitter” is how Deputy Scott Stone described Micah Flick. Stone was also shot that day and was told he would never walk again.

He still works for the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office and is remembering Micah Flick on this anniversary.

“Every day we miss Micah. But today was especially difficult, thinking about facing the day and the memories of two years ago,” said Chenoa Flick, Micah’s Mom.

Deputy Stone went back to work about 9 – 10 months after the shooting, but said he still has pain and is adjusting to what he calls his new normal.

“I only have partial function my left leg, I have partial function in my hip and lower back,” said Deputy Scott Stone.

Stone said most of the pain is physical, but sometimes it’s mental.

“I have dealt with mental issues myself, through the incident. I haven’t seen it as a weakness, I’ve seen it as a strength,” said Deputy Stone.

Deputy Stone said Micah is his hero and lives each day for him and his family.

“I ask [Micah’s Family] almost every time that I see them, ‘Do you think that I made Micah proud? Do you think that I lived up to what he would expect?’ I’m getting a little choked up saying that, but I consider them family now,” Deputy Stone said.

He now spends his days in the office, doing polygraph analysis and training new recruits.

“I actually tell recruits what it was like the day of the shooting, what I went through, what I experienced. What it’s like to be in that moment of crisis, where you may lose your life, but you still have to fight because there’s other people that are still in danger,” Stone said. “He would be a hero.”

“You talk about bringing this up kind of brings up old wounds and it does do that, but to us it’s very, it’s very good because of the fact that it keeps Micah’s memory alive, and that is all we have at this point,” said Tim Fick, Micah’s dad.

Thomas Villanueva was an innocent bystander walking by the scene and was hit by a bullet from Zetina.

Now he has no feeling or use of his body from his nipple down.

FOX21 also checked in with Thomas Villanueva and he wrote to FOX21 in a Facebook message:

“What I can say is, I am doing my best each day. [I’ve] been in an out of the hospital every month since I got out of rehabilitation,” and he also wrote, “I have been doing what I can, at home for therapy. I have family that have been supporting me and helping me through every step.”

FOX21 reached out to Villanueva’s attorney, Joe Ramos, who said his lawsuit against law enforcement agencies involved has reached a standstill.

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