“There was no question of what to do” says man who stopped stabbing spree

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COLORADO SPRINGS — Phil Lear knew right away that something wasn’t quite right about the man who approached him around 2:00 a.m. Monday morning.

“There was some instinct kind of kicking in as soon as this guy walked up and started talking to us,” Lear said.

Lear said the man was wrapped in a sheet and asked Lear if he knew Jesus.

Lear said yes hoping the stranger would move on, which he did. Colorado Springs Police has not confirmed what the suspect said, nor released the person’s identity citing the ongoing investigation.

“It was obvious he wasn’t a missionary or anything like that,” Lear added. “He had some issues.”

However, shortly afterward the man in the blanket began to stab two people, one of which Lear knew.

“[I] was kind of on the defensive to begin with. [Then] he started stabbing my friend in the back of the head so there was no question of what to do.” Leary said.

Lear and his friend who was under attack subdued the suspect and held him down until police showed up a short time later. He estimates it all happened in three or four minutes.

“I didn’t even know the guy had a knife to be honest until I saw him actually putting it into people and at that point somebody was already being stabbed, my other friend is getting stabbed, so let’s get control of this guy’s arm and get him down to the ground and call for help,” Lear explained. “It happened pretty quick. There wasn’t a lot of thinking involved.”

When Lear encountered the suspect, it was already after the person stabbed several other people at two separate locations in Colorado Springs. CSPD said they are still working to interview witnesses or anyone else involved as of Monday evening.

Lear is relieved he helped stop the attacks.

“There was some worry that this was dangerous but, he wasn’t going to stop,” Lear said. “He had his mindset on stabbing people. There was some worry but not time to consider it.”

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