The University of Colorado offering course on being a first responder in space

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CNN — The University of Colorado Boulder and The University of Colorado Anschutz have partnered up to offer a unique course on how to be a first responder in space.

Doctors from CU Anschutz and engineers from CU Boulder worked together to develop the material.

It starts in a classroom and ends with hands-on experience on a simulated Mars.

The course combines medicine, engineering, and space.

Asst. Professor of Aerospace Engineering, Allison Anderson, says the goal isn’t for these students to be the first first responders in space, it’s about building a foundation for those who will.

“Having people be trained and to think about how to design medical devices that can work in those environments is really important and it’s a challenge we haven’t really truly faced before,” said Anderson.

After learning wilderness and emergency medical training in the classroom, students take it into space – or as close as they can get to it – at the Mars Desert Research Field in Utah.

The course was so successful it will be offered again in the Spring, and it will be open to all students.

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