(COLORADO SPRINGS) — With just 22 days until the Nov. 8 general election, candidates continue to make their case across Colorado. At the latest debate on Sunday, Oct. 16, Colorado Governor Jared Polis and counterpart Heidi Ganahl sparred with each other in Colorado Springs.

Governor Polis continues to highlight his accomplishments, while Ganahl shot down Polis’ record, citing high inflation and rising fentanyl overdose deaths in Colorado.

“I have a track record of not just saying things, but getting them done,” Governor Polis said.

Both candidates looking to secure your vote this November – discuss rising crime, abortion access, and affordable housing in the state.

“Jared this is an election, not an auction,” Ganahl said, “You can’t buy our vote with the $24 million in fake TV ads telling us everything is fine.”

The Republican challenger says Polis had four years to follow through on his promises.

“I’m not a party person, I am a mom on a mission,” Ganahl said.

Ganahl chose to focus on rising crime and bringing the energy industry back to work in Colorado. The candidate says she looks to bring common sense back to Colorado, stating abortion should be rare and safe.

“But what’s not common sense is a radical bill that was signed without the will of the people of Colorado, that allows abortion up until the baby’s birth date in the final weeks of pregnancy,” Ganahl said.

In April, Governor Polis signed the Reproductive Health Equity Act into law, which codifies the right to an abortion in Colorado.

“I fundamentally believe that the Government should not make women’s health care decisions,” Polis said.

While Ganahl rebutted: “I did rip up that disgusting bill because of late-term abortion, I do not believe that’s who we are in Colorado.”

Both candidates looking to improve Colorado, Polis reminds Ganahl of the things he has accomplished.

“Setting Colorado kids up for success no matter where you live,” Polis said, “To protect families from gun violence, and crime, protect our blue skies, our water, and our public lands.”

One of the Governor’s goals if re-elected – making Colorado one of the safest states in the United States.

Polis looks to accomplish raising Colorado from the 26th safest city into the top ten, by investing in law enforcement and focusing on crime prevention.

Ganahl wants to clean up Colorado’s streets by keeping repeat offenders in jail and blocking the flow of fentanyl in Colorado.

The next time Polis and Ganahl will meet is on Oct. 25th in Grand Junction.