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The heat is on for Halloween night DUI enforcement

COLORADO SPRINGS – The Colorado Department of Transportation along with several other agencies are increasing DUI enforcement for Halloween.

The annual “Heat is On Halloween” lasts from October 31st to November 4th.

According to CDOT last October, 24 people tragically died in Colorado in alcohol-related crashes.

“I feel its an easy process and there is really no excuse for people to drive drunk,” Ryan Breakey, an Uber and Lyft Driver in Colorado Springs said.

Breakey has been driving for the rideshare services for over three years and has driven two Halloween nights.

“Do something for your riders, like last year for Halloween I handed out candy for my riders,” Breakey said.

He said he started to drive to make extra cash but he knows his job is helping cut down the number of drunk drivers on the road.

“I think night drivers just help a lot in getting people home. It helps the cops worry about other things than drunk drivers on the road,” Breakey said.

The “Heat Is On Halloween” DUI enforcement from last year resulted in 378 DUI arrests, with the Colorado Springs Police Department (39 arrests), Denver Police Department (30 arrests) and Loveland Police Department (14 arrests) making the most arrests. CSP troops made 77 arrests.

Last year, there were 209 passenger vehicle fatalities on Colorado roads involving impaired drivers, accounting for more than one-third of all traffic fatalities in 2018.