(COLORADO SPRINGS) — Fans of “The Big Lebowski” REJOICE, as there’s a new spot in town where you can enjoy delicious food and drinks, all while paying homage to ‘The Dude.’

Lebowski’s Taproom is now open on the west side, near the intersection of West Fillmore Street and Centennial Boulevard in Colorado Springs. From the rug that really ties the room together to NINE different versions of the decadent White Russian cocktail — there’s no shortage of themed items at the new restaurant and taproom.

“We have the Lebowski Burger, but then we also have The Walter, which is probably one of our best-sellers and most unique; it does have peanut butter and jalapeno jam on it… so some of the menu is inspired not only by “The Big Lebowski,” but a little bit by my family,” explained Monica Kowalski, Owner of Lebowski’s Taproom.

Kowalski said her family’s recipe for red and green chile is unique and inspired by Southern Colorado and northern New Mexico flavors. “So, we have red and green chile or ‘Christmas’ on anything that you want… and then we have a really, kind of upscale, I would say a grown-up version of a grilled cheese, and that’s called The Bunny — there are no green toes in that one though!” laughed Kowalski.

Lebowski’s Taproom also serves the Grinder Sub, which features a green chile sausage link from the famous and family-owned, Gagliano’s in Pueblo. “And that was a big treat when I was younger and we would come up from Trinidad… and we used to go to Gagliano’s for sausage,” Kowalski reminsed.

Lebowski’s Taproom also serves specialty cocktails featuring distillers and spirits from Colorado, in addition to local brews, wines, and ciders. There is also a ‘Mug Club,’ in addition to a wall of license plates from different movies that Kowalski said have become big hits among customers.

Kowalski told FOX21News.com that Lebowski’s Taproom is a concept she and her husband David had talked about for several years after first seeing the Lebowski Bar in Iceland while traveling. “It was very relaxing and very fun, but it was also very interactive and engaging, and everyone just seemed to enjoy where they were at,” said Kowalski.

In May, Kowalski said they came across the west side location and began to seriously look into their options of opening a local business. Kowalski, who previously worked as an executive in health care, said her position was eliminated in June as the company she worked for began to downsize.

“So it was really the universe saying this is the right time, let’s go ahead and do it, so I’m all in,” said Kowalski.

Lebowski’s Taproom officially opened on Aug. 14, and so far the community response has been incredible, according to Kowalski. “In the past three weeks, we’ve had repeat offenders that come in because they have enjoyed their meal and it’s somewhere they can just chill out; it’s quiet, it’s not a club, it’s just a little corner pub.”

According to Kowalski, there is also a pet-friendly patio where customers are welcome to bring their four-legged pals and enjoy ‘Yippy Hours,’ which are set to begin this month.

Right now the restaurant and taproom is open seven days a week from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. and beginning the weekend after Labor Day, they will start serving brunch at 9 a.m. on Saturdays and Sundays.

Lebowski’s Taproom will host its Grand Opening on Saturday, Sept. 16.

Lebowski’s Taproom is located at 3240 Centennial Boulevard, Colorado Springs, CO 80907.