COLORADO SPRINGS — As our city continues to grow, FOX21 looks back on our area’s rich history. Do you remember how things used to be?

  1. Powers as a dirt road
  2. Cruising the “Ave” (Nevada Avenue)
  3. K-Mart with payphones
  4. Hugh M. Woods
  5. Pic N’ Save
  6. King’s Table (Royal Fork)
  7. Dragging at Ampex
  8. Intersection at Platte and Powers
  9. 85/87 being the only road in and out of Fountain/Widefield
  10. What was once a drive-in movie theater in Platte, but is now a Walmart
  11. Montgomery Ward’s
  12. A gravel Marksheffel Road
  13. Furr’s Cafeteria
  14. Discovery Zone
  15. Peter Piper Pizza
  16. Boardwalk USA on Circle and Galley
  17. PDQ in Falcon
  18. The old waterslide off Garden of the Gods Road/I-25
  19. Red Top Hamburgers
  20. Western Sizzler
  21. Mall of the Bluffs
  22. Peppermint Lounge
  23. Walgreens in the Citadel Mall
  24. Michelle’s Ice Cream
  25. Soda Straw
  26. Homers Odyssey
  27. Six Star
  28. Woolworths
  29. The dog track
  30. When the only grocery store Falcon had was a Safeway
  31. Giuseppe’s Depot
  32. CC Tigers Hockey playing at the original Broadmoor World Arena
  33. Colorado Springs Sky Sox playing in Memorial Park
  34. Hall of Presidents Wax Museum
  35. Van Briggle Pottery
  36. The original Colorado Springs Airport (located north of where the current one is)
  37. Powers stopping at Barnes Road
  38. Germers
  39. Ice skating rink in the Chapel Hills Mall
  40. Hamburger Stand’s corndogs
  41. Godfather’s Pizza
  42. Chinook Bookstore
  43. Colorado Gold Kings Hockey
  44. Templeton Gap Dump
  45. Rodeo Night Club
  46. The original St. Francis Hospital
  47. 303 being the state’s only area code
  48. Joy Rides
  49. Showbiz Pizza
  50. The Denver Warehouse

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