CHAFFEE COUNTY, Colo. — It’s been a month since a Chaffee County mother vanished after reportedly going on a bike ride on Mother’s Day.

The Chaffee County Sheriff’s Office says hundreds of hours have been spent searching for Suzanne Morphew but still no sign of her. Now people in her small community are making sure she is not forgotten.

A group of women from Salida is encouraging the community to continue to keep Suzanne and her family in their thoughts. Hanna Shea hopes people can rally together by hanging a ribbon, placing a candle, and spreading the word.

“Pretty much every business in town you walk by has the missing person flyer,” Shea explained. “I think everyone now knows what she looks like and her face is all over town, it’s been on social media.”

For 30 days, Morphew hasn’t returned to her Maysville home, and her two daughters have been without their mother.

“COVID has been challenging on a number of fronts just because we can’t do something all gathered together and hold a candlelight vigil,” Shea added. “I think this is something during normal times people, of course, would be talking about this at the coffee shop or the bars or when they are out at the park.”

Despite the pandemic, a group of women is putting up ribbons to honor Morphew and to raise awareness of her disappearance.

“What we had learned from her hometown (Alexandria, Indiana) that they chose yellow and teal, yellow for bringing her home and teal because that is the color of her bike helmet,” Shea said.

The women organizing the ribbons in Salida don’t know Morphew personally but said it’s about support for her family and friends.

“They are apart of this community and we want to feel like we are supporting and keeping this top of mind,” Shea said. “I think as a community we should definitely be doing what we can in our thoughts, keep her family in our thoughts and her friends in our thoughts, and keep awareness of her until they bring her home.”

Shea plans to put up more ribbons around town in the coming days.

On Monday, CBI Spokesperson said there were no searches today or over the weekend. Many people have asked if it is safe to go hiking and biking in the area and investigators said there has been no specific information that should cause alarm to the community.

The public is asked to continue to report any information about this case by calling (719) 312-7530.