COLORADO SPRINGS — We all have that one teacher who made an impact on us, and one local teacher remembers hers as the reason her life path pointed her to teaching.

“I just remember feeling like she was the most incredible person I’d ever been around and I just wanted to be like her and I just wanted to be with her as much as possible as a kid,” said Grant Elementary first grade teacher Chelsea Lewis.

For Lewis, it was was first grade with Ms. Nash.

“She just had this magical way of making every child feel so special, so important. Her room was just this magical wonderland. Everyone just never wanted to leave her room,” said Lewis.

It was classroom number 49 at Grant Elementary.

“Chelsea was an amazing student. She was fun. She was kind. She was very intelligent,” said retired first grade teacher, Kathy Nash said. “The thing that I remember most about her though, is just this sense of kindness that she had.”

It was Ms. Nash, said Lewis, who inspired her to become a teacher.

“I know the impact that she had on me at that age and I know the great responsibility that I have now that I could have on these children,” said Lewis.

Coincidentally, when Lewis was set to graduate college, a job opened at Grant Elementary School.

“I just called her and said ‘Hey Chelsea, I don’t know if you’re interested but Grant has a position open and it’s in first grade so you should put in your application’,” Nash said.

You could call it perfect timing, or even – fate.

“It was just a miracle that on my graduation day, I got to interview here at Grant so I ran from graduation straight here to interview,” said Lewis.

Lewis was hired that day.

“It just doesn’t even seem real sometimes, it seems like I can’t believe this is happening,” Nash said.

Ms. Chelsea Lewis, now a first grade teacher at Grant Elementary… in classroom number 49.

“I got to be in the room she taught me in, and she was in the next classroom over,” said Lewis.

For four years, Ms. Lewis and Ms. Nash taught class right next door to one another.

“For me, it was a true gift to be able to work alongside someone that I had taught, a six-year-old and now she’s grown up into this wonderful person who cares about her world and her community and wants to give back,” said Nash.

Ms. Nash is now retired, but she and Lewis share a bond that can’t be broken.

“We are friends for life. Forever and ever,” smiled Lewis.

“Now that I’m old and gray, I’m going to adopt her as my granddaughter,” Nash said.

Lewis and Nash also wrote a book together called ‘Choose Kindness’. It’s about their lives from first grade to friendship and a lot of love in between. ‘Choose Kindness’ can be purchased here.