Contractor for Suzanne Morphew’s husband claims

CHAFFEE COUNTY, Colo. — The husband of missing Chaffee County woman, Suzanne Morphew, left personal items in motel room in Broomfield in the days before his wife’s disappearance, according to a man contracted to work with him that weekend.

Jeffrey Puckett told FOX21 News he arrived at the motel on May 10 and stayed in a room Barry had purchased for him. Puckett described noticing a strong smell of chlorine in the air.

“I thought the pool might have been open, but it wasn’t,” Puckett said.

The motel confirmed the pool is closed due to COVID-19 restrictions. A manager also said they do not use chlorine to clean their rooms, only Peroxide multi-surface cleaner.

Puckett also said he found a letter, addressed to Barry, in the trash inside the room. He said it involved property insurance and that he later turned it over to investigators.

“My first thought was, ‘alibi’,” Puckett said. “When I found the mail the next morning, just kinda looked like an alibi.”

Puckett said he didn’t know the day Barry arrived in Broomfield and couldn’t be sure of the day he left, but did know the reason – a family emergency.

Puckett mentioned he saw Barry in person on Saturday, May 9, and described the work he’d been hired to do, a project involving fixing a wall. But, he said, Barry didn’t leave him to tools he needed.

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Suzanne Morphew, 49, was reported missing by a neighbor on May 10th, Mother’s Day, in the town of Maysville, Colorado. She and Barry have two daughters. Barry has told family he was working out of town and their girls were camping out of state when Suzanne was reported missing.

But one of Suzanne’s family members told FOX21 News they are worried Barry hasn’t told investigators everything he knows.

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That family member told FOX21 News Barry refused two polygraph tests and a critical analysis test, and said the data collected from his truck didn’t match up with what he told investigators.

“I was confused and I just found out my wife was missing,” Barry said in an exclusive interview with FOX21 News. “I was a little bit not in my right mind when they were asking me these questions, but I did the best I could and I answered everything.”

During that interview, Barry said he was never asked to take a polygraph.

The Chaffee County Sheriff wouldn’t offer any insight on the family member’s information, on Barry’s claims regarding the investigation, or any details on the search for Suzanne.