Substance abuse rises during coronavirus quarantine

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COLORADO SPRINGS — Since the start of the coronavirus pandemic, officials say alcohol sales have increased by 26 percent.

“Sometimes people tend to drink little more than they should. Then they become addicted,” Laura Swain, the owner of Recovery Systems PC, a Substance Abuse Rehabilitation Facility.

She said recently they’ve seen an increase in clients coming to them for help. Even though things have to stay under social distancing protocol they still want those who need help to contact them.

Recovery Systems PC offers a variety services and numbers to help you out:

  • 719-578-5433 Office
  • 719-578-5434 fax
  • 719-465-7850 Hot line
  • 719-217-0252 text line

Swain said they have relied on TeleHealth and Zoom meetings to keep their clients on track with their recovery.

“The clients are really in need please don’t abandon them,” Swain said.

She said some people have turned to drinking and drugs to help with the changes due to the coronavirus. Thousands of people are stuck at home with no job and a family still to support. She said that stress often has people turn to some sort of relief with alcohol or drugs.

“Nobody ever plans on coming addicted. That’s not the goal ever. The goal is to reduce stress,” Swain said.

If you or someone you know is struggling with drug or alcohol abuse Swain said it’s important to reach out for help.

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