Students react to Colorado College COVID-19 vaccination requirement

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COLORADO SPRINGS — Colorado College has become the first school in Colorado Springs to require students, staff, and faculty to get vaccinated before the fall semester.

All of the students at Colorado College that FOX21 News spoke with on Tuesday are welcoming the requirement.

“Given the state and the size of the school, I think it’s fair and doable cause a lot of people have already gotten their vaccine,” Freshman William Young said.

“I hope to think that CC is certainly doing their part for Colorado, but we are doing what’s best and our part for students and their academic endeavor,” Vice President Information Technology for Colorado College Brian Young said. “We followed the science and the data and they all suggest that this is indeed the best way for us to get back to that normal experience that we all want for our students.”

The pandemic affected colleges nationwide forcing students to learn from a distance having class through a screen. At Colorado College masks are mandatory everywhere.

“I haven’t really gotten to experience this college yet, cause I haven’t gotten to have in-person class and see classmates in real life and make friendships,” Freshman Young said.

“Most of us was just trapped in our houses all year or in the dorm rooms, I can’t imagine what it’s been like to be an underclassman this year and only have one room, when you could have an entire campus of activities and the social aspect and everyone misses that,” Senior Ana Kilgore said.

Some Colorado College students said if vaccination requirement is the way the school has to do it to allow things to get back to normal, let it be done. Many want to have their social life back without social distancing.

“I think it will make everyone feel a bit safer coming back next year,” Kilgore said.

“This is a private institution so at the end of the day I feel like it’s their call to do what they think is best for the school,” Freshman Young said.

Students who attend other colleges in Colorado Springs aren’t so thrilled with the idea of a vaccination requirement.

“I know for me that would be hard choice for me to stay at that school,” Miranda Yenne, Pikes Peak Community College student said.

“It makes me a little uncomfortable,” Rebekah Forti, University of Colorado-Colorado Springs student said. “Let’s leave it as a choice, this is my body, and I don’t want to be forced on what I should or shouldn’t put into it.”

Both Yenne and Forti said they have natural immunity since they’ve already had COVID-19.

At this time Colorado College, University of Denver, and Fort Lewis College are requiring students to be fully vaccinated when returning in the fall. Colorado College is asking for all staff, faculty, and students to be vaccinated by August 1. However, there will be religious, medical, and personal exemptions. The school is still working out the process and procedure about the exemptions.

“We will make sure that every student has the access and the ability to achieve their academic goals vaccinated or not,” Young said.

“Vaccines are the gateway to ending this pandemic, that is why we all need to do our part to get as many Coloradans vaccinated as possible,” said Gov. Jared Polis. “That is why I expect that most higher education institutions will provide parents and students the peace of mind they want by making vaccines a requirement for next fall, and students want to get vaccinated so they can enjoy the full college experience. Those two or four years fly by quickly, and students have already missed out on so many important social experiences over the last few semesters.”

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