COLORADO SPRINGS — The City of Colorado Springs is hosting a naming contest for a new street sweeper, and the competition is getting fierce.

In April, the city launched a new initiative called Keep It Clean COS after receiving a thousand complaints about trash in 2021. The plan focuses on cleaning up trash from medians, streets, and highways, and also challenging people at home to clean up their own properties and businesses.

The $2.7 million initiative is funded from the city’s federal reserves. With the money, the city will purchase four new street sweepers and add more workers out on the roads to remove trash. In celebration of the new sweepers, and in an effort to promote the initiative, the city announced a competition in which the community could partake to name one of the sweepers.

And we have to say, there are some pretty creative names on the bracket. Take a look:

After a fierce first round of competition, the city coined the ‘Immaculate Eight’: Dirt Reynolds, Sir Sweep-A-Lot, Obi-Wan Cleanobi, Sweepy McSweepface, Bruce Springsclean, The Grim Sweeper, Sweep Caroline, and perhaps the most creative of the competition… Kevin.

You can vote for your favorites through May 31, click here to submit your votes, and visit to learn more about how you can help keep Colorado Springs “sweepy” clean.