Stopping catalytic converter thefts

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COLORADO SPRINGS — There is a rise in catalytic converter thefts in our area, but one man said he has a way to stop it.

This year alone, there have been around 2,500 catalytic converters stolen across the state which is more than double the amount compared to last year.

Complicating matters, vehicles in Colorado are required to have a California catalytic converter which is more expensive to replace. A mechanic is working on a device that would hopefully make it harder for thieves to cut out the car part.

“What we’re trying to come up with a cage that goes around the catalytic converter,” Floyd Prior said. “We weld it in above or underneath the catalytic converter so it’s a lot harder to cut off when it’s welded.”

Prior added that many bigger vehicles like trucks and buses are being targeted. He said it is because it is easier for thieves to get underneath and cut out the converter compared to smaller cars.

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