(COLORADO SPRINGS) — The Springs Rescue Mission (SRM) served 415 people last night, Jan. 29, helping them survive the freezing cold and winter weather.

“When these cold, arctic temperatures come in, it really can be life or death for individuals who are suffering with homelessness and so over this last weekend we saw 442 individuals find shelter from the cold, and that’s really really important,” Travis Williams, Chief Data Officer of the SRM said.

Williams made clear that SRM strives to make sure that anyone who needs shelter can find it. SRM has also been providing daytime shelter and services and is on what Williams called emergency services protocols. This looks like the extension of all daytime service hours to make sure no one has to stay in the cold.

“We’re providing three meals a day, and on top of that, providing showers, laundry services, and access to other life transformational services at Springs Rescue Mission,” Williams said.

“Something people may not know is that we are a low-barrier, come-as-you-are shelter and when we say that we are going to do everything we can to provide shelter, that’s exactly what we mean and that means even creating a space for pets. We’re one of the few shelters in the nation that allows individuals who are experiencing homelessness to bring their furry little friends to a shelter.”

Travis Williams, Chief Data Officer of the Springs Rescue Mission

SRM serves those in need in Colorado Springs by helping to provide housing, health, and work services for those suffering from homelessness, poverty, and addiction.

Williams said, “Colorado Springs, looking at some of the numbers that are available out there, is recognized as one of the top ten cities in the nation addressing homelessness. In fact, since 2018, we’ve seen about a 50% decrease in unsheltered homelessness, which is a tremendous testimony to the work this community has done to provide care. A lot of it is through private donations.”

SRM can achieve what it does for people in need only through the community’s support. The best way to give that support is through monetary donations on the website.

Williams included, “I would say praying for guests. It is cold out there and just knowing that somebody is praying for them and encouraging them, that can mean a lot to those who are staying here.”

Cold-weather items are always welcome and put to good use as well. People can drop off those items at the mission for them to get distributed to those who need them.