Springs Utilities: Adds wind power to portfolio

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Spring Canyon / Colorado Springs Utilities

COLORADO SPRINGS —  After Colorado Springs Utilities (Springs Utilities) announced its plan to reduce carbon emissions by 80% and close its coal power plants by 2030; the municipally-owned utility has now added wind power.

According to Springs Utilities, for the next five years, they will receive 60 megawatts of renewable energy from two wind farms in northeast Colorado. Together, with the utility’s 114 megawatts of solar power, about 20% of its electric generation comes from renewable sources.

“This agreement supports our Energy Vision and its pillars of economic, environment, resiliency and innovation,” says Springs Utilities Board Chairwoman Jill Gaebler. “It also demonstrates our commitment to a sustainable energy future for our community as we reduce our reliance on fossil fuels.”

Spring Canyon at sunset / Colorado Springs Utilities

Adding wind power expands the energy mix of the utility, which is important for energy resilience and emission reduction.

“Wind power is an excellent addition to our electric portfolio because it complements our solar generation,” said Springs Utilities Chief Executive Officer Aram Benyamin. “Solar and wind are perfect partners because their generation profiles smooth out their daily and yearly peaks and valleys.” 

Springs Utilities says this is because wind generation is typically stronger in the evenings and during the winter months. Solar energy production is at its best mid-day and during the summer months.

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