CALHAN, Colo. — El Paso County parks said to help address the overuse of the Paint Mines Interpretive Park, they are now urging people to use other less-populated county park sites and trails during the coronavirus pandemic.

According to their website, county parks have noted exceptionally heavy use of the Paint Mines Interpretive Park. They say there are concerns about whether the required physical distancing is being observed and the negative impact of overuse of the site.

Viewers sent us photographs taken on April 26 of cars overflowing from the parking lots at the Paint Mines.

The popular park is still open although restrooms are closed at this time.

The Trails and Open Spaces Coalition (TOSC) in Colorado Springs is trying to help the community leaders keep Colorado Springs’s parks and trails open to the public by reducing overcrowding in major parks and promoting responsible trail use. 

They have created a page to promote spaces and trails that are generally less populated. Click here to see their suggestions.

If you decide to visit other local parks and trails, they advise to do so responsibly and avoid heavily trafficked areas and maintain social distancing.