Southern Colorado volunteers working to print 3D face shields for hospitals

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COLORADO SPRINGS — A group called Make4Covid, that started in Denver has now made it’s way to Colorado Springs.

“One of the things we know the community needs is face shields so these are at home 3D printed face shields,” Jon Cotton, the Colorado Springs Lead for Make4Covid organization.

Since Cotton started the group on Thursday, they already have 11 Colorado Springs volunteers with multiple 3D printers to make the face shields and hopefully soon facemasks.

“I know that they need things and that’s why we reached out to you guys is because there is no way for them to know we can make things in short order,” Cotton said.

He said their group of volunteers really need to know which groups around southern Colorado need the equipment. If it’s hospitals, doctor’s offices, first responders, nursing homes or daycares. He said whoever needs it, they will make it.

“As a group we’re trying to figure out what they need so we can print it and provide it for them,” Cotton explained.

Cotton said his 3D printing machine can make up to 8 face shields a day.

“In the Colorado Springs area our little group, we have 15 to 20 printers,” Cotton said. “Each one can print out eight a day that’s around 120 face shields a day that we could be giving to the community.”

If you need one of these items or any item to help combat the coronavirus Cotton said to contact them here and let them know.

“There are a ton of the people in the community putting themselves at risk for contracting and spreading the coronavirus,” Cotton added. “If we can provide any of them with protective gear to help protect them and the next person they come in contact with. Let’s do it.”

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