COLORADO SPRINGS – After FOX21News made a handful of calls to wedding venues in the area, we soon realized just how many spots are requiring coronavirus waivers for guests.

“‘These waivers basically say ‘hey if you attend this wedding these are the risks involved. It’s going to be this many guests and this type of space, so if you attend please don’t sue us. It’s not our liability,'” Nicole Zillman, the owner of Nicole Marie Events said.

This trend being seen across the nation is a way for vendors, venues, planners and the bride and groom to cover their bases on top of the required coronavirus protocol required by each state.

“We just don’t want to get sued by anyone who might come down with the sickness,” Uriah Werner, the owner of several venues in southern Colorado said. He owns The Loft Music Venue, The Loft Collective, The Vault and The Loft Theater.

Werner said they email the waiver to the bride and groom who are required to sign it on behalf of everyone attending the wedding.

“They are the responsible party for the venue,” Werner said.

Weddings and events, just like other industries, has taken a heavy hit because of the pandemic. Both Werner and Zillman said the breaks were pumped on all events for a few months until the state started to open back up.

Zillman said he had 10 weddings canceled and 47 moved to later in 2020 or into 2021. Zillman said she didn’t have any weddings canceled but had 10 moved into 2021 and three she is still waiting to see if they end up happening in December.

“I would say Colorado is open. The curve has been flattened. It’s time to start booking your weddings for late 2020 and 2021,” Werner said.

Zillman stated she will also continue to work to help make up for the months she was required to not work.

“Being exposed to nearly hundreds of people every weekend is just a risk we have to take to make money and continue on with our jobs,” Zillman said.

Some of the video used in this story was taken at a wedding pre-covid by JCarter Weddings.