Some southern Colorado businesses prepare to open

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COLORADO SPRINGS — Businesses are slowly starting to re-open under the Governor’s safer-at-home order.

Governor Jared Polis said curbside retail can start April 27 and in-person retail can begin May 1 along with the opening of salons.

Many businesses taking neccessary precautions certain before they welcome in customers again.

“We have missed our customers our customers missed us, we get phone calls constantly,” said Owner of the Exchange Coffee Shop Andres Schlesinger. “It’s crazy how close we’ve gotten to our customers but don’t realize it until you don’t see them every day.”

Safety is priority for Schlesinger and is taking his time before opening.

“We’re going to have the doors open so they don’t have to touch doors, we are going to have areas where they stand. We put in a barier between us and the customer at the resgister, and an awesome turntable for sepration when we are giving them thier drinks. So we can still be personal with them
and we can stay away but not make them feel like they isolated that’s really important to us,” Schlesinger said.

They are not opening until Sunday, May 3.

“We are working over time, right now to santize the place top to bottom,” Schlesinger said.

However other places like Blades and Brews and Salon Bella ripping the band-aid off.

Parisa Godoy, the ower at Salon Bella is going above and beyond to keep her customers and employees are safe.

“Were asking clients to wear masks, we are going to check every client’s temperature also stylist when they start working,” said Godoy. “We are asking clients to stay in their car until we let them know we are ready for them to be at the salon. We are asking them to not bring an extra person, kids, or any other family with them.”

They are even having clients sign a release, saying they have no symptoms.

“I do think it’s a little early [to open], however, I feel like if we as owners and employees follow protocol and our clients will follow what they need to,” Godoy said. “Hopefully we can prevent the virus to be in our salon.”

Godoy said that they’ve had a few customers call and say they are going to wait before getting services, which they say they respect. They will only have about half their usual amount of clients.

They all have one thing in common though, they said the closure was not easy.

“Not making money it was very very hard. That’s how we eat thats how we support our family,” Godoy said.

“It was awful the hardest thing my partner Kim and I had to do was lay off all of our employees temporarily,” said Schlesinger. “We love them all and didn’t want to lose any of them.”

“It was tough, to be closed down and not know when you are going to open back up. When you put everything into. I put my whole life savings into my business you know? So it’s tough,” said Blades and Brews Owner Anne Frazier.

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