Social media star Dennis the Emu provides ’emu-sing’ entertainment

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COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — There is plenty of wildlife to see at Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs. Deer, Elk, Bighorn Sheep are what people typically spot, but now a pet emu is among the creatures exploring the city park.

“He’s been a great pet,” Owner Billie-Sue Mitchell said. “He’s just the most fun. He loves treats, and loves kids, loves people, loves dogs, cause he was raised by one, so he’ll follow the dogs down the street in my neighborhood. He loves to chase bicycles and motorcycles. He likes to run because he’s about 30 mph now.”

The emu’s full name is Dennisaurus Rex or Dennis for short. Since he started visiting Garden of the Gods, seven-year-old, 20 lbs Dennis has been “emu-sing” loads of visitors. Although Dennis is about 20 lbs now, Mitchell expects him to reach 100 lbs in the next few months.

“He’s so sweet,” Mitchell added. “I’ll take him walking as long as I can handle him. It’s like taking a chicken on a walk, you know, basically a big chicken or a big turkey something like that.”

Unsurprisingly, Dennis is a head-turner. He and Mitchell can’t travel far without being stopped for questions and selfies. In fact, pictures and videos of Dennis have gone viral on social media.

“To see people smile and tell me, I was having a bad week, thank you so much for letting me pet your emu, man, that is just so worth it,” she said.

For those of you wondering, Mitchell got Dennis from a breeder in Colorado to protect her ducks. They two have been together since Dennis was a chick. She even made the emu a harness from a dog’s old harness.

“We have massive raccoons where we live, like massive, and a hawk family that lives in our trees, so he actually keeps them from eating my ducks,” Mitchell said. “So he’s a guard goose.”

Mitchell wants people to know that an emu and an ostrich, which Dennis gets mistaken by, are two very different birds. A lady walking by on Thursday thought he was a turkey.

“A gentleman probably in his 50’s walked by and stared at him and said the edibles are kicking in… that’s the funniest thing I’ve ever heard,” Mitchell explained.

If you see Dennis out and about, use #Dennistheemu so Mitchell can see all the photos and videos of him and his new friends!

Dennis eats zoo feed which is made up of greens and grains. He also enjoys salads, corn, tomatoes. A full-grown emu can stand 6-feet tall and weigh 120 pounds, according to the San Diego Zoo. Emus are native to Australia and are the second-largest birds in the world.

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