COLORADO SPRINGS — Kids ages 8-14 had the chance on Sunday to have a free soccer clinic by two-time FIFA World Cup Champion and two-time Olympic gold medalist Brandi Chastain.

Each participant received a complimentary t-shirt provided by Olympic City USA and was able to get it signed by Chastain.

“I hope today’s takeaway is fun, but also may be that they find that they have some skills that they didn’t know,” Chastain said. “Maybe they find a new friend. Maybe they hear a voice that encourages them in a way that never has before. There’s everything to be gained out here.”

“It was super cool,” Tori Ross said.

She encourages kids of all ages to give any sport a try because there are big life lessons that can be learned through the love of a game.

Kids lined up to get their shirt signed by the soccer legend at Weidner Field Sunday

“I honestly believe that playing sport is vital to having a whole balanced human being,” Chastain added. “Understanding that you’re going to win some, you’re going to lose some, you’re going to fall down, you’re going to need to get back up. You know, growing and learning is about making mistakes and understanding how to win gracefully and lose gracefully. Find yourself and your resilience. No matter whether it’s baseball, softball, soccer, to meet people who are like-minded, people who are going to challenge you like that is what life is all about.”

This isn’t her first time visiting Colorado Springs, she came here in the 80s with the national team and she describes the U.S. Olympic Training Center back then.

“Some army barracks and a dirt track around a field and it was the most spectacular place then and now seeing the museum being here with these kids,” Chastain explained. “Colorado Springs does a lot, right? And the fact that they encouraged the Olympic movement and what the Olympic movement stands for and that we celebrate all those moments at the Olympic Museum is just incredible.”

She’s hoping her celebration can be a timeless motivator for the kids who participated in the free clinic to one day have their own unforgettable moment.

“That’s the great thing is that we have the technology and they can look it up, and going to the museum is an excellent way for them to see what the Olympics are all about,” she said. “And see the different faces and the different countries and the winners and the participants that it really all matters. And that that, too, could be them.”