Snowstorms mean big business for private plowers

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EL PASO COUNTY, Colo. — On Monday, the city and county were busy keeping roads clear of snow.

These crews have to focus on the roads that see the most traffic, but keeping business parking lots and sidewalks clear is the job of private snowplow drivers.

Some times driving a plow can be fruitless labor, especially in a long stretch of snowy weather.

“We’re in our trucks for days at a time,” said plow driver Aaron Goodman. “When [the snow] continuously falls like it has been, sometimes I turn around and look at what I plowed and it needs to be plowed again.”

However, Goodman said it’s important to keep sidewalks clean too because if it’s your property you are liable if people fall and get hurt.

With another storm approaching Tuesday night, it’s a city ordinance to make sure the sidewalks remain clear 24 hours after the snow stops falling or by 5 p.m. the next business day.

“There is a point to where you just give up and say we’re going to wait this out,” said Goodman.

With a cold job, it isn’t easy keeping a warm sense of humor. and though the sidewalk shoveling is more labor-intensive Goodman chuckles that it keeps him in shape.

While when there is nothing to plow, drivers have to keep on maintenance to make sure the equipment is good to go for the next storm.

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