Snowplow Priority List: Where does your home fall?

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COLORADO SPRINGS — Snowplows across southern Colorado are working hard to keep the roads clear during winter weather.

Roads are cleared by three different entities:

  1. Colorado Springs Public Works trucks are white.
  2. CDOT trucks are orange.
  3. El Paso County trucks are red.

El Paso County Department of Public Works urges all drivers to keep a safe distance from snowplows and to let them have the right of way.

“Our focus initially is getting main roads, get those opened first, and then once the main roads are open and we know that those are going to be clear, then we’ll start going into the other roads that we have,” said Kevin Mastin, Deputy Director of El Paso County Department of Public Works.

“We have three different priorities for our roads, #1, #2, and #3. The priority roads #1 are the main roads, priority #2 are ones that are medium traffic, and priority #3 roads are the ones you might find like cul-de-sacs and streets, where homes are,” Mastin said.

To see the county road priority list click here.

For the city priority list click here.

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