Snow squall sweeps through southern Colorado

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COLORADO SPRINGS– A snow squall swept through southern Colorado Monday morning, bringing high winds and snow through the area.

According to the National Weather Service, a snow squall is “an intense, but limited duration, period of moderate to heavy snowfall, accompanied by strong, gusty surface winds and possibly lightning (generally moderate to heavy snow showers). Snow accumulation may be significant.”

FOX21 Storm Team Meteorologist Emily Roehler says snow squalls are just one of the warnings that get pushed through the National Weather Service.

“It’s just a new warning the National Weather Service has out this year – that they’ve started to put out, and basically what it is, you can compare it to a severe thunderstorm warning but for winter time. We’re not talking about a thunderstorm, it’s just a high-intensity short duration snow event,” explained Roehler.

Dramatic video from Aspen Snowmass shows the wall-like system pushing through the region.

Still frame from @AspenSnowmass twitter video

A member of the Public Affairs staff from the Air Force Academy shared a time lapse showing the sudden burst of snow.

“Snow squalls can be dangerous if you are not being safe in them. They’re not (themselves) a dangerous weather event if you’re just caught outside in it, you’re going to be dealing with some strong wind as well as some heavy snow. So just don’t do activities that you shouldn’t be doing in those events. So if there was blizzard like-conditions outside, you wouldn’t want to be driving in that,” said Roehler.

Roehler says this won’t be the last that we see of the snow squall warnings and they will help notify drivers of dangerous driving conditions sweeping through the area.

“As much as you can, avoid pulling off to the side of the road because people will see your lights if they aren’t seeing good visibility and follow you… and that’s where a lot of off-road accidents come in,” said Roehler.

If you find yourself caught in a snow squall, slowly get off the exit and wait in a parking lot or side street.

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