(COLORADO SPRINGS) — With winter conditions building up on the roads, plows are moving around town clearing snow around the clock.

The City of Colorado Springs tweeted, “Crews continue to address snow and ice on roads throughout the city but their main focus right now is central and southern Colorado Springs where road conditions are the worst. Roads are predominantly snow packed and icy. Please remember, ‘Ice and Snow, Take it Slow!'”

For information on snow routes, check out Colorado Springs’ Snow Plow Information page.

Plow drivers have been working throughout the city for hours. One snow plow driver, Kevin Charron, said, “I understand some people realize behind a plow truck’s the safest place to be, but those things, they’re not stuck to the road either they slide often, especially when we’re on hills. So I think giving us room and space to do our job would be the thing I’d like to ask for most out of the citizens.”