(COLORADO SPRINGS) — Sierra High School sent a letter to parents on Tuesday, Feb. 7 informing them that a student had allegedly brought a gun to the school.

According to Sierra High School, administrators were informed after the start of the school day on Tuesday, that a student may have had a weapon in their bag. The student was escorted from their class to the office and upon a search, a gun was found. Sierra High School said that the gun was not shown at school or used to threaten other students.

“School authorities took prompt action to ensure the safety of students and staff and this is now in the hands of law enforcement,” said Nicole Schurbon, Principal of Sierra High School.

In the letter, Schurbon said the student was arrested, and that criminal charges will be brought against them, in addition to school-imposed disciplinary measures. Schurbon reiterated that there was no danger to the school.

Schurbon stated the information was being shared due to transparency and school safety. The school also wanted parents to talk with their students about weapons and that they should “never have a place in our schools.”