In this week’s Restaurant Report Card – back in business after four months of picking up the pieces.

Taste of Brasil on Garden of the Gods Road in Colorado Springs reopened Tuesday, after a car crashed into the restaurant earlier in 2022. FOX21 talked to the owner about what it took to get the doors of this South American staple back on and back open.

“Good food, hugs, and love, that’s basically it,” said Taste of Brasil owner, Alexandre Da Silva.

But for the past four months, the doors at Taste of Brasil have been closed.

“I’ve been fighting since I opened, Covid, the economy, everything and now the accident,” said Da Silva.

Back in March, a driver crashed into the restaurant, destroying the dining room.

Da Silva said, “Everything you’re looking at in here got destroyed. At the end where the pictures are, that’s where the main concrete barrier is. If it wasn’t for that, they would’ve gone through.”

But what that car didn’t destroy was Da Silva’s passion for feeding Colorado Springs.

Roberta Obanion, who is from Brazil and now lives in Colorado Springs said, “I ordered some tri-tip, which is very famous in Brazil.”

Now the entire restaurant has been transformed, except for the amazing Brazilian food they’ve been creating for the past three years.

“It seems very comparable to what we get at home. Just to kind of go over the menu and see some of the dishes that we have in Brazil it definitely brings back memories that we had at home,” said Obanion.

Taste of Brasil is offering nostalgia to Brazilians who live here, and a new cuisine to those who have never tried it.

“It’s such a good feeling to know that we have a place in Colorado Springs that brings those memories and food from Brazil,” Obanion said.

“For me, it’s like a shot of energy seeing family members, seeing friends and the community back to my place,” said Da Silva. “I can’t ask for anything more.”