Restaurant Report Card: Joey Chestnut predicts he’ll down 40 Pueblo Sloppers

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PUEBLO, Colo. — In this week’s Restaurant Report Card, we have seen him take down 75 hot dogs. Now the world’s best competitive eater is taking on the Pueblo Slopper, in the second annual World Slopper-Eating Championship on Saturday, September 5 at the Colorado State Fair.

He holds records in eating chicken wings, ribs, gyros, funnel cake, asparagus, of course hot dogs, and much, much more, but how will Joey ‘Jaws’ Chestnut fare against the Slopper?

“Have you ever eaten a Slopper before?”, asked FOX21’s Taylor Bishop.

“Never, I had to look it up. I’m actually going to make some tonight to practice and I think I’ve got a pretty good plan,” said Chestnut.

Bishop asked, “When you’re making them tonight are you going to be using Pueblo Chile’s or Hatch green chiles?”

Chestnut said, “I was planning on using the green Hatch Chile. Are Pueblo Chiles different?”

Well, we won’t hold that against him.

But for those of us who are familiar, they are named Sloppers for a reason and Chestnut says he has a strategy.

“I’ll grab the bun from the bottom. It’s not going to be pretty. I’m going to squeeze it a little bit. I’m going to go back and forth with a little sip of water to get it down and move on to the next one,” said Chestnut.

Last year, the fourth ranked competitive eater in the world, Darron Breeden set the Slopper-eating record with 28.25 down the hatch in eight minutes. But Chestnut says this year, Breeden is going down.

“We’re going to see a new record on Saturday. I’m thinking it could be close to 40,” said Chestnut.

The championship will look a little different though, with temperature checks, six feet between competitors, and no spectators.

Chestnut said, “It’s one of the first competitions going on since being in quarantine so I’m excited to do it. I just wanted to get out and go over there and hopefully kick some butt.”

Watch online as Joey Chestnut battles it out at the Colorado State Fair on Saturday afternoon at 1:00.

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