Restaurant Report Card: A new kind of food service business – “ghost restaurants”

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COLORADO SPRINGS — In this week’s Restaurant Report Card, FOX21 is introducing you to a new kind of food service business — “ghost restaurants”.

No, they are not haunted or involve anything paranormal. There is no dining-room either, just delivery or take-out only, and often use a rented commercial kitchen space, plus the magic of social media.

Ashton Kyng Doss is the owner of Kyng’s Scrumptious Salads in Colorado Springs.

“I like to make sure I give big, huge portions. Coming from Texas, we like to eat,” said Doss.

Kyng’s Scrumptious Salads has been pleasing the palates of Coloradans for the past two years.

“Usually, I do rent out different restaurants and use their kitchen,” said Doss.

But commercial availability is only during certain hours, so Doss invited FOX21 to his home for dinner.

“Growing up, there were six of us in the house, six kids. I was the youngest, but once I became a little older and able to cook, like around I want to say six, I started cooking,” said Doss.

And it’s not just the greens, Doss offers baked potatoes, spaghetti, or really whatever you request. But the salads hold a special place in his heart.

“My brother passed away in 2016. His favorite thing was to always eat my food, especially my salads. He was tall about 6’9″, so we always called him a giraffe. So this is in memory of him,” Doss voiced.

They have enormous portions, made with love and only available for delivery or pickup, which is something that has come in clutch during the recent pandemic.

Doss said, “With me not having a restaurant at this time, actually works in my favor because, I don’t have a lobby where people could sit and congregate.”

For Doss, a ghost restaurants is a low-risk, and low-cost way to get his culinary dreams off the ground, while keeping his brother’s memory alive.

You can order Kyng’s Scrumptious Salads via Facebook or call 719-400-3991.

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