In this week’s Restaurant Report Card, intending to bring Polish cuisine to Colorado Springs, Mika’s Pierogi Kitchen is now open at 6628 Delmonico, Suite A, and despite opening in the middle of a pandemic, this place is a hit.

A little piece of Poland, coming in the form of pierogi.

“Pierogi is a Polish dumpling, so it’s nothing but putting whatever is on the dinner plate, whether it’s mashed potatoes, meat, or your veggies, putting it in a pasta dough, and then lightly boiling and then pan-searing to perfection,” said co-owner, Dominika Mills.

Mika’s Pierogi Kitchen opened its doors just nine weeks ago.

Mills’ husband and the other half of Mika’s Pierogi Kitchen, Zachary Short, said, “My wife is from Poland. She’s from Krakow, and she talks about making pierogi every Saturday with her mom.”

“I grew up eating them. I grew up making them with mama in her kitchen, every Saturday,” said Mills.

Mills moved to Southern Colorado 17 years ago, and thankfully for hungry locals, she brought Mama Jolanta’s pierogi recipe with her.

Mills added, “This was a niche, something different, something that people can have besides pizza and tacos and wings.”

They offer seven different flavors of pierogi, and you’re going to want to try them all.

“So the most traditional would be the potato and cheese, which is the Ruskie, and we also offer the more Americanized BBQ beef or the buffalo chicken, which we nicknamed the chicken wing, and it’s really tasty,” said Short.

Don’t wait to get your order in either, because they are selling out, almost daily.

Short said, “Day 1 when we first opened, we probably sold about 600 individual pierogi, which isn’t bad, but now we’re up to selling over 2,000 pierogi per day.”

While other restaurants have had to let employees go throughout the pandemic, Mika’s recently doubled their staff to meet demand.

“Most of our employees were actually laid off from other restaurants, and we were really happy to be able to offer them a job,” said Short.

Mills now getting to share a piece of home with her new home.

Mills said, “If it wasn’t for the diverse community here, we wouldn’t be where we’re at. We wouldn’t be able to create jobs and give back that way, so it feels really good.”

Mika’s Pierogi Kitchen is open Monday through Saturday from 10:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. They will soon be moving to another location on Centennial Boulevard, as they are already outgrowing the space on Delmonico Drive.