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Courtesy of Safewise

A recent report by safewise, ranks the safest cities in Colorado for 2019. This is the fifth annual Safest Cities report.

The majority of this year’s safest Colorado cities made the list for the second year in a row.

According to the report, the state is barely higher than the national violent crime rate at 4.493 vs. 4.485 incidents per 1,000 people. Colorado has a higher property crime rate of 31.01 than the national rate of 27.11.

The top city, Lamar, reported no murder, rape, aggravated assault, motor vehicle theft, or arson. 85% of the top 20 were murder free.

Here are the top 10 safest cities to live in, according to the report. The violent crime rate and property crime rate incidents are per 1,000 people.

#1 Lamar: Population: 7,468 Violent Crime Rate: 0.13 Property Crime Rate: 9.37 Median Income: $38,136

#2 Johnstown: Population: 16,552 Violent Crime Rate: 0.18 Property Crime Rate: 10.33 Median Income: $85,339

#3 Windsor: Population: 23,523 Violent Crime Rate: 0.21 Property Crime Rate: 11.44 Median Income: $90,699

#4 Aspen: Population: 6,906 Violent Crime Rate: 0.29 Property Crime Rate: 42.28 Median Income: $64,594

#5 Cherry Hills Village: Population: 6,685 Violent Crime Rate: 0.30 Property Crime Rate: 3.74 Median Income: $238,750

#6 Monument: Population: 6,644 Violent Crime Rate: 0.45 Property Crime Rate: 26.34 Median Income: $104,488

#7 Erie: Population: 23,660 Violent Crime Rate: 0.51 Property Crime Rate: 8.45 Median Income: $92,000

#8 Frederick: Population: 12,850 Violent Crime Rate: 0.54 Property Crime Rate: 4.51 Median Income: $92,000

#9 Firestone: Population: 13,416 Violent Crime Rate: 0.67 Property Crime Rate: 8.87 Median Income: $94,545

#10 Louisville: Population: 21,224 Violent Crime Rate: 0.85 Property Crime Rate: 4.00 Median Income: $94,784

See how the remaining cities rank in southern Colorado:

#11 Salida: Population: 5,642 Violent Crime Rate: 0.89 Property Crime Rate: 30.31 Median Income: $39,741

#34 Woodland Park: Population: 7,424 Violent Crime Rate: 2.42 Property Crime Rate: 24.38

#50 Canon City: Population: 16,723 Violent Crime Rate: 4.37 Property Crime Rate: 38.87

#54 La Junta: Population: 6,900 Violent Crime Rate: 5.07 Property Crime Rate: 58.55

#55 Fountain: Population: 29,203 Violent Crime Rate: 5.10 Property Crime Rate: 26.74

#56 Colorado Springs: Population: 472,958 Violent Crime Rate: 5.07 Property Crime Rate: 32.17

#64 Pueblo: Population: 110,872 Violent Crime Rate: 10.53 Property Crime Rate: 61.67

Safewise explained how they identified the safest cities. They use the most up-to-date FBI crime data called FBI Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) program as the backbone of the reports. If you don’t see your city listed, it could be due to incomplete UCR data or the failure to submit a report.

The report also uses population thresholds for each state. They identify the median city population in each state and only report on cities with populations above the median. This reduces the risk of outliers and lowers the likelihood of an extreme outlier skewing the data.

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