Report: De’von Bailey had stolen gun on him when he was shot

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"I'm just traumatized" said a witness

EL PASO COUNTY, Colo. — The El Paso County Sheriff’s Office released a complete report of search warrants, interviews and autopsy reports connected to the De’von Bailey shooting.

The El Paso County Sheriff’s Office has identified 19-year-old Devon Malik Bailey as the man killed in a CSPD officer-involved shooting on Saturday, August 3. (Courtesy: Crime Stoppers)

In November, the officers involved were ruled justified in the shooting and killing of 19-year-old Bailey in August.

Pictures, maps and interviews its all in this 385-page report including the autopsy showing he was shot three times in the back and one in the elbow.

This report revealed the gun police found on De’von was stolen.

The full 385-page report released, it shows that a Glock, model 19, 9mm handgun police found in Devon Bailey’s shorts was reported stolen to CSPD on January 28, 2019.

The person who reported the gun stolen said they were unloading their car making multiple trips inside when they noticed their glove box was open and the gun was missing from inside.

Photo of the gun police said De’Von Bailey had on him during the shooting. (Photo: EPCSO Crime Lab Report)

The report also showing the gun De’von Bailey had on him had a magazine and a round in the chamber.

Lawrence Stoker who was with Devon in this video said in an interview with Police:

Davon has been carrying the gun with him after he has been getting repeatedly beat up for “child molest charges.” According to stoker, as police arrived in the area Davon told him “I have the gun on me bro.” (sic)

There were several witnesses to the crime from the park nearby.

One witness told the police, the shooting happed close to children saying:

“Like, I’m talking like super close by. . . . . He turned around to run, and the officer whipped out his pistol and shot the guy. It sounded like to me, four to six shots went off. And pretty much those little kids were right next to it, which was crazy.”

“It wasn’t the best move.”

The witness seemed concerned about the proximity of the kids to the overall incident.

Another witness statement said:

“Being a mother and watching that and especially being military and knowing the training and stuff that we get it’s – I – I can’t explain what the cops go through. ….. I’m just traumatized that I saw it, and I’m just glad my kids didn’t see it.”

“Knowing how close (Devon) and (Lawrence) were to the cops. The fact that could have actually grabbed them or did something else, ran after them. I – to me that’s the important part from all of it. And granted, he shouldn’t have ran, but I think that they could have did another tactic.” (sic)

The report also shows a lot of search warrants of social media accounts, one specifically for a video that was posted by someone who was with De’Von before the shooting.

It showed a person holding a black handgun and pointing it at the camera. The same video showed devon in the passenger seat of a car wearing the same shirt as he was on Aug. 3 during the shooting. The report said it appears the video was taken the same day.

WARNING! The content in the report below is explicit and graphic in nature.

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