COLORADO SPRINGS — FOX21 is celebrating remarkable women in southern Colorado by spending the month of March sharing the stories of women who were nominated by their friends or loved ones.

We recognize an exceptional educator who has proven over the last year to be just as amazing with her students and their families — outside the school as she is in the classroom.  

When it comes to teaching, Lindsay Falvey is a natural.

“It’s honestly the only thing, I’ve ever wanted to do,” Lindsay said.

She’s Legacy Peak Elementary’s Teacher of Significant Support Needs or SSN. A job was just meant to do.

The principal of Legacy Peak Elementary School, Johnathan Johnson, said, “She’s on the floor, she’s everywhere, so she’s amazing with our kids.”

The principal saw something special in Lindsay when he elevated her from a substitute teacher in the resource program to take over the SSN Program. 

She took over last March, two weeks into the job, the pandemic hit.

“I spent a lot of time supporting the parents even more than the students because they needed to know how to work with them,” Lindsay expressed.

But Lindsay turned that unique situation into a positive experience. Taking advantage of the moment to get to know the families of her students.

“Just getting to know them, driving to everyone’s houses to drop off materials, and teaching them how to use different tools we use in school,” she said, “I think it’s been really beneficial because I feel connected to all of our families I feel.”

Like most parents with children suddenly home from school, Lindsay had to perform a balancing act.

Brandon Falvey, Lindsay’s husband, said, “It’s something that requires a huge amount of patience. And um, I think humility. She’s wonderful at it. She really has a gift.”

“You really feel like you’re helping change the trajectory of these kids lives which is amazing,” vocied Lindsay.

Lindsay is one of four nominees for southern Colorado’s “Remarkable Woman” of the Year.