COLORADO SPRINGS — The City of Colorado Springs is in recovery mode after a late spring snowstorm knocked out trees and power lines across the area over the weekend.

Spring snow isn’t all that unusual in Colorado, but these storms – with heavy snow – tend to cause more damage.

“It’ll probably take us six months to clean up,” said Dennis Will, a city forester. “We can’t catch a break.”

Clean-up efforts, he said, are still underway after a storm in December.

And, if you’re landscaping, you could benefit from those efforts. The city is mulching the branches and trees as their crews collect them. Community members can head to 1601 Recreation Way if they’d like to pick up mulch at no cost.

The city received more than 400 calls from the weekend storm and more requests from the GO COS! App. If there are tree limbs or branches hanging over the road and sidewalks, you are encouraged to give them a call because that is a high priority because it is a safety concern.

Crews are also cleaning up around Old Colorado City because of the upcoming Territory Days on Memorial Day weekend.

A lesson the City Forester wants people to take away from this late May storm is that all trees need constant maintenance.

“There’s really no telling what trees are going to fail and which ones are not,” Will added.

You can watch the city’s full press conference here:

Important Tree Information

If a fallen tree or debris is touching a power line, do not touch the tree or the power line. Report the tree to your utility company.

To report a down tree in the street or public right of way, use the GoCOS! app on a mobile device or call 719-385-ROAD.

For city trees in parks, on trails, medians or other city property, report it using the app on a mobile device.

The City cannot remove trees or debris on private property. A list of tree/debris removal companies can be found at ColoradoSprings.Gov/SpringStorm.