Rally against Lauren Boebert demanding her removal

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PUEBLO, Colo. — A group of people in Pueblo came together Friday on Main Street asking for the resignation of Congresswoman Lauren Boebert.

“Lauren Boebert, you need to be expelled from your position; you’ve shown you do not represent your constituency,” said Deann Pujol, who lives in Pueblo.

In the past, Boebert said she would object to the electoral results of the 2020 election. On Thursday, hours after the riots in D.C., she voted in support of objections to the electoral results from Pennsylvania and Arizona.

Friday’s rally was put together by Rural Colorado United and was also organized by former Colorado State Representative Bri Buentello.

“The point of today is to show that we are Pueblo; we are part of Congressional District 3,” said Buentello. “Pueblo didn’t vote for Boebert, but she needs to know she works for us and this part of holding her accountable.”

Buentello posted a screenshot on social media of her account being blocked by Boebert’s personal Twitter account.

“She can block whoever she wants on Twitter but can’t stop us from showing up, and this is what public accountability looks like,” said Buentello.

The newly elected Congresswoman recently made headlines for her push to bring a firearm to the capitol.

“She’s not fighting for our freedoms, she’s fighting for her own personal agenda, fighting for Trump, she carries a gun and thinks that’s going to be the answer, I was in combat and wounded twice and know what it means to be in that reality,” said organizer and veteran George Autobeee.

FOX21 reached out to representatives of Boebert, but have not heard back.

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