PUEBLO, Colo. — The Southern Colorado Regional Quilt Show is taking place this week in Pueblo at the El Pueblo History museum.

The quilt show is a free event showcasing creations from quilters throughout the region. In addition to the showcase this year, the host of the show, Pride City Quilt Guild, is collecting new clothes, blankets, toys and other items for children and families that Pueblo Police might encounter on their calls.

The show is in its twelfth year and boasts 164 quilts, along with other sewn items on display. Cass Pearson, the Chairperson of the Southern Colorado Quilt Show Committee, said the event serves to honor the tradition of quilt making, along with the hours, days, and sometimes years these quilters put into their creations. She said the quilting community flourished during Covid-19 lockdowns, in that it helped keep people in her guild connected and creative during stressful times.

“For a lot of people, staying home, being alone was a hard time. But as members of a quilting community, we had that sisterhood that helped us through that. That might have been, ‘I’m working on a new pattern, let me send you an email. Let me send you a text, talk to you on the phone.’ Even had meetings on Zoom. Oh, I think our guild in Pueblo probably made, you know, over 2,000 masks.”

She went on to say that the quilting community is very supportive of each other, in their quilt making and their day to day lives, and that is why she’s so excited to bring attention to this event.

The quilts are being showcased for the purpose of appreciation, and most are not offered for sale, though Pearson said they will pass along to the creator if someone expresses interest in buying a quilt that they fall in love with.

The show is free and runs 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. until Saturday, April 9th.