(SOUTHERN COLORADO) — As Halloween approaches, and on National Pumpkin Day, Wednesday, Oct. 26, 2022, here is a list of five ways to enhance your pumpkin carving family festivities.

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According to a Fox News article that shared “Pumpkin preparation tips,” there are several hacks to use in your pumpkin endeavors:

  • Start at the bottom, not the top. Cut out the bottom of the pumpkin and remove all the insides with ease.
  • Cookie cutters and mallets. Use a mallet to tap the sharp edge of the cookie cutter into the pumpkin for clean cuts.
  • Vaseline isn’t just for the skin. Rub vaseline over the cut edges to seal them and maintain a clean look.
  • Use paint and stickers as alternatives. Painting pumpkins has become more popular so get that acrylic or spray paint and get creative. Stickers can add flare and are easy to include.
  • Power tools for carving. Use a drill to speed up the process of carving, which is both convenient and easier clean up.