COLORADO SPRINGS — A man in Pueblo reaches a major milestone Friday for blood donations.

In a little more than three decades, he has given more than 80 gallons of blood, that’s 640 donations.

It’s a 100 mile round trip Dave Mahalick drives every other week in order to donate. He started giving blood 34 years ago.

Mahalick said he was inspired to donate after one of his friends mother’s needed a transfusion.

Not many people reach the 80 gallon mile stone and the donation company “Vitalant” honored him with a commemorative pin Friday.

“You get to be 70 or 80 years old you know, no body wants your eyes, no one wants your heart, no one wants your kidney, but what surprises me, you can continue to give blood constantly,” Dave Mahalick said.

Vitalant said they have eight donations centers in Colorado and various blood drives with opportunities to donate everyday of the week.