PUEBLO, Colo. — A campaign two years in the making unveiled Monday, it’s called Pueblo Everyday Heroes, raising awareness of the important role adults play in youth’s lives in Pueblo by engaging, encouraging, and empowering youth to make good choices.

This campaign is in response to data collected from Pueblo youth showing concerning trends for mental health and substance use.

The campaign hopes to focus on risk and protective factors known to impact youth behavioral health.

A video featuring — Pueblo Police Chief Troy Davenport, Pueblo Fire Chief Barbara Huber, Colorado State Representative Daneya Esgar, and other community leaders encouraging adults to get involved in the lives of kids in the community.

“We need to physically distance to keep ourselves safe [from COVID-19] yet we don’t want to lose those connections that we have,” said Jenny Case.

“Kids are watching and they do watch and imitate us,” said Eileen Dennis.

A study found that a caring, supportive adult can have a positive and profound impact on a child’s life.

They have created a website with tips directly related to academics and positive youth behavior other times activities are hands on like volunteering, or could be more passive in nature.

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