PUEBLO COUNTY, Colo. — The Pueblo County Sheriff’s Office has implemented a new digital format
for how incarcerated individuals receive mail. The format changes the process for those sending personal mail to the Pueblo County Jail.

Legal mail and parcels sent directly from a publisher are not affected by the change and will be accepted at the jail.

All personal inmate mail, which includes letters, photos, and drawings, is no longer being accepted at the Pueblo County Jail. All personal mail must now be sent to an address in Texas where it will be scanned into a digital format and sent to those in custody electronically. The inmates can read the mail via a tablet.

All inmates have received notification of the change.

The tablets were implemented to combat the amount of drugs that were coming into the facility through the U.S Mail. Since the new mail process was implemented, it has eliminated the issue of drugs coming into the jail this way.

The new process requires that all original letters, photos, and drawings will be destroyed after scanning. Individuals are encouraged to send only copies of photos and drawings.

The change in the mail delivery system is a result of the inmates now having access to portable tablets paid for by inmate service fees. In addition to receiving mail, inmates will be able to access services on the tablets including video visits, phone calls, text messaging, religious materials, law library, books, and streaming of entertainment videos. The tablets now make it easier for inmates to communicate with family and friends. The tablets have limitations to prevent intrusion from outside sources and to prevent the inmates from accessing the internet except through authorized apps.

To send mail to someone in Pueblo County Jail, you must now address the item as follows:

Pueblo County Jail
Inmate Full Name – Inmate Booking Number
PO Box 2966 PMB#35803
San Antonio, TX 78299-2966

To find the booking number of someone in custody, go to the Pueblo County Sheriff’s webpage and go to the inmate lookup page.