Pueblo group rallies for small businesses

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PUEBLO – A group that calls themselves the ‘Pueblo Patriots’ held a rally on Saturday to show their support for small businesses in Colorado.

“When we first started this it was a rally for our second amendment rights and we felt like we needed to build momentum off that,” Christy Fidura, the Co-Organizer of rally and a Pueblo small business owner said.

The group said they had been rallying for a few weeks trying to get the word out about wanting small businesses back open. Once the Governor announced some businesses could re-open the group decided to hold a rally to help support that.

They said they invited local small business owners to come hold up signs during the rally to show locals that their places were back open.

“This brings attention to small businesses and it lets people know they are open and operating. We don’t operate under fear. We don’t just want our country to survive, we want it to thrive,” Fidura said.

She said they are asking the government to let all businesses go back to normal.

“This about what the coronavirus and the governor has done to shackle these businesses. We don’t feel like we need to live by what his dictation is. He was elected to serve us not the other way around,” FIdura said.

The group is expected to have another rally next week.

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