PUEBLO, Colo.– Governor Jared Polis and Pueblo Mayor Nicholas Gradisar toured the ActivArmor facility on Tuesday, giving praise to the 3-D printing technology and masks that are being used to fight the coronavirus pandemic.

“This is a company, ActivArmor, that’s been making custom casts for arms. They employ seven people here in Pueblo, and they really embraced the opportunity to do these transparent masks so you can see people’s mouths when they talk,” said Gov. Jared Polis.

The company 3-D printing to create a mold, which is used to create the plastic piece used for the mask.

The masks are FDA tested, have pop-out filters, and come in blue or white.

“They’re washable and waterproof – that way you can re-use them if you’re a doctor in a hospital… or anybody who just wants to be able to communicate while they continue to stay safe, ” said Diana Hall, President and Founder of ActivArmor.

ActivArmor hopes to find a manufacturer to mass-produce the masks so they can make a larger quantity at a lower price.

“We can only make as many our staff can make but we have a turnkey process that is patented and available for licensing for anybody who wants to bring this nationwide,” said Hall.

The masks are being sold on their website.