WATCH: President Trump’s campaign rally opens to big crowds in Colorado Springs

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COLORADO SPRINGS — Crowds of people began filtering into the parking lot of the Broadmoor World Arena on Wednesday morning, setting up camp – literally, ahead of President Trump’s planned campaign rally Thursday evening.

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It didn’t take long, Thursday morning, before every spot in that lot was claimed. Initially, doors were set to open at 1 p.m., but officials decided to open early, and began allowing crowds of people to start finding their seats at 11:30 a.m.

Those folks are gearing up for a long wait. The rally is not set to begin until 5 p.m., however FOX21 News was able to speak to National Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany ahead of the President’s speech. McEnany said Thursday she thinks President Trump will do well in Colorado in 2020.

Meantime, throngs of people are lining up to buy merchandise, others are showing off colorful outfits.

No personal signs were allowed in the arena, but once inside, the campaign began handing out its own signs.

As yet, not much has been seen, inside the arena, in the way of protests. However, one person was removed from the building at about 3 p.m. During President Trump’s speech, a handful of protestors chanting were escorted out of the arena as well.

The rally started with Senator Cory Gardner taking the podium, pumping up the economy, talking about record wage growth, and Space Force. President Trump called him back on stage at the end of his remarks along with Congressman Ken Buck, Scott Tipton, and Doug Lamborn.

Senator Gardner ended his speech on a high note.

The crowd kept in high spirits awaiting Vice President Mike Pence and President Donald Trump.

Vice President Mike Pence took the stage appreciating veterans and current military members. He said, “the support from this President has never been better, I see it tonight! He’s had three years of promises and promises kept.” He later said, “we are finally giving the military the resources they need to defend our country.”

Loud cheers were given when Vice President Pence talked about the death of Iranian General Qasem Soleimani. He described that the democrats criticized the President on the mission to take him out, which the crowd then booed. “Soleimani wasn’t some government official; he was a terrorist. And that’s what leadership looks like,” Vice President Pence added.

Before Vice President left the podium, he said be confident and have faith. Have faith in this President.”

President Donald Trump started by saying, “we are going to defeat the radical democrats. We are going to win Colorado by a landslide.”

Three Iwo Jima veterans were honored by Trump, allowing the crowd to give a standing ovation. The President also remembered a local Pearl Harbor and World War II vet who passed away this week, Donald Stratton.

“America is truly a land of heroes,” Trump said as he was honoring the three heroes. “We have brand new jets, missiles, and rockets and all made in the USA!” President Trump said. A U-S-A chant followed by the crowd.

The President brought up the 2016 poll numbers before winning the election and spoke about how wrong the media portrayed them. He said, “I became the president because of the debates, and Cory (Sen. Gardner) was with us all the way.”

President Trump and Vice President Pence both said the American economy is booming, adding that 7 million new jobs were created with 180,000 in the Rocky Mountain State.

President Trump wouldn’t let the crowd forget about the sixth armed service branch, possibly having the headquarters in Colorado Springs saying he will be making a decision soon. He also reminded folks about last year’s commencement speech he gave at the Air Force Academy graduation and that he shook 1156 cadets’ hands.

The President then talked about the work he’s orchestrated overseas, calling to kill what he called the number one terrorist General Soleimani. “America is respected again like never before,” President Trump said.

President Trump confirmed 217 brand new federal judges, and it includes 192 judges who are appointed for a lifetime. He also threw out that he wants Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court Justices, “that’s another great check for Colorado.”

He boasted about secured borders. The crowd chanted, “build a wall.” President Trump said, “we are building a wall, 122 miles. We’re putting it up, and they’re pouring the concrete.” He added that for eight straight months, they have reduced illegal border crossings, “we have ended the horrible practice of catch and release.”

President Trump also boosted up Senator Cory Gardner to voters. “If you want to protect your family and your loved ones, you must vote for Cory, vote for Trump, vote for the Republican party.”

The President ended with the following last words, “Make America wealthy again, make America strong again, make America proud again, make America safe again and make America great again!” The crowd cheered in unison, “Make America Great Again!”

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